A not so "Basic Invite" for all your extraordinary life events!

Adding personal touches and customizations to everything we do in life is what sets us apart from everyone else. From our work spaces, to our cell phone cases, in our homes and vehicles; customization makes us feel unique and creative. With Basic Invite, we can extend that level of customization to stationary, announcements, invites, and more!

Recently, I had a client who was looking for customized graduation party invitations. She just wasn't finding her vision through my normal vendor - we were looking for something classic, yet fun and trendy. I began searching the internet for something new, and came across Basic Invite. Once I saw Basic Invite has 40 different envelope colors, an address capturing service and so much more to offer, I knew I had found the place for her to get the exact type of invites needed.

Right from the start I could tell that Basic Invite was unlike any other service I've previously seen or used. They provide a seemingly unlimited amount of colors available for your design and the ability to make over 180 different color changes to each element of the design. The platform is user friendly and even shows you a real time preview! All of these little touches are what makes this service so unique. Additionally, Basic Invite will print a sample of your design so that you can see how it will look after print, before you finalize your order! Amazing! No more spending hundreds on cards and invitations, not knowing if they will turn out exactly right. After placing my first order, I feel confident making Basic Invite my go-to printer for all of my card/invites.

If you're interested in checking out Basic Invite for all your invite, announcement, and stationary needs -- make sure you take 15% off with code, "15FF51".

I can't wait to see my artwork and your creativity come to life with Basic Invite! Make sure you send me one too! :)

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