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Four Reasons to Print your Family Photos

There's something special about a family photo that's printed and hanging on the wall for all your kids, friends, family, and guests to enjoy. It becomes more than just a picture; it becomes a piece of art, telling the story of your family. So why not print and hang your family photos? Here are four reasons why you should do just that!

1. Make your memories last for generations to come.

Let’s face it: technology is always changing. Don't let your photos be forgotten on a hard drive or disappear into the depths of social media! Printing your photos is the best way to ensure that they'll last a lifetime. With EEP professionally printed photos, you don't have to worry about them fading or being damaged by water or other elements – everything comes fingerprint resistant, UV coated, and a lifetime warranty from my lab. If you store and care for them properly, they'll be safe from damage and able to be passed down from generation to generation!

2. Your children will appreciate it.

For kids, family photos are a way to connect with their childhood and see their loved ones in a different light. When we look at family photos, we see more than just ourselves; we see the people who have shaped us and made us who we are today. When they're printed out and hung on the wall, family photos are an essential part of any home. As your kids get older, they'll appreciate having physical evidence of their happy childhood memories

3. Nothing beats holding a print in your hand.

I'll never forget the first family photo album my mom showed me. I was maybe five or six years old, and I remember being mesmerized by the images of my parents and grandparents as young adults. There was something about seeing those black-and-white photos in print that made them feel so much more real to me. I could almost imagine myself transported back in time, to a different era entirely. Nowadays, it's easy to take family photos for granted. With digital cameras and smartphones, we can snap a picture and share it with our loved ones with just a few clicks. With Instagram images, they're just a disposable commodity- you view them, maybe give them a like, and then move on to the next one. In an age where we're bombarded with images everywhere we go, sometimes it's nice to take a step back and appreciate the things that we can hold onto for years to come.

4. Use your prints to decorate your home.

Your home should reflect you and your family's personality. Hanging family photos is a great way to personalize your space and create lasting memories. You can also use artwork and prints to add a pop of color or interest to any room. And don't forget about childhood memorabilia! Items like these can help you to feel more connected to your home and family. So go ahead and get creative with your decorating. It's your home, after all!

If you're not sure how to get started, EEP offers a free wall design consultation with every photo session you purchase. We have an eye for design and we'll work with you to figure out the best way to display your family photos, prints, artwork, and anything else you want to display. Contact us today to get started!


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